"Language is a problem. For certain things is always confusing, eg the relaxation. If you tell yourself to relax, it will become an effort. If you wonder: How do I relax "how" will mislead. You cannot ask 'how'. You are asking for a technique: the technique will require effort, and it will create tension. So if you ask me how to relax, I'll tell you: Do nothing. Just relax. Sit back and wait. ¡Do not do anything! Everything you do generates difficult, creates a barrier."  Tantra and Spirituality, Osho

So come to my temple and just Relax!

TANTRIC massage for men and women performed by RANI in a safe, sacred environment. The temple is located in Marbella center, Costa del Sol, South Spain. !Booking is essential!

Treat yourself to a beautiful massage with Tantric qualified

Goddess Rani

Tantra is a powerful way to relax the body, awaken the senses and bring the body and mind to heightened states of bliss. It releases energetic blockages in the body and allows life force energy to flow freely and abundantly. Rani is experienced master who will gently guide you with voice and sound into the world of Tantric experiences.

We are extremely discreet and very understanding. Please feel free to talk to us about any concerns, questions or requests you might have!

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