Tantra means liberation of energy and expansion of consciousness. Through tantra you can experience your life force, your energy fully. It is the energy of all creation. Nothing exists without energy. Like the wind and weather, energy is the essence and most powerful natural force of creation. Energy fuels everything you do. Ecstasy appears naturally whenever your mind and body stretches and expands beyond its ordinary boundaries. Ecstasy is surrender to the life force, to your life force. 

Destined to hedonistic people, for those that want to live at liberty and to exercise the right to feel well, feeling with the things that us like and when little more exalts the sensibility. To try to be nice is a vital unavoidable responsibility. Here you were finding Tantric Goddesses of the different schools tántric’s, who have adopted the art of the love conscious as philosophy of life. Our motivation is the desire to transmit our knowledge neatly and sincerity, where the healthy pleasure is included as steps for the ascension and healing to level all you level it like in emotionally. Our aim is to come to all those people who want to know Millenium and Sacred Art of the Tantra and of the conscious love of way is honest and with real vocation.

In Tantric philoshophy, the body is seen as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, a temple that is the expression of the spirit and life force of the individual. There is a liberal use of vegetable based oils, combined with high-quality essential oils. It is accentuated by peaceful music. The other, most important aspect of the session is to awaken the life force potential, referred to in Tantra as "kundalini" or Shakti to produce deep relaxation.