Tantra Massage

Tantric massage is a ritual is to worship your body and your inner self, it is a meditation and energy balance for the awakening and ascension of the Kundalini. Through the practice of pranayama reach a state of physical and mental relaxation and we can feel beyond imagining, our most sublime feelings are present releasing all mental conditions and possible imbalances on an emotional level. A Tantric massage is a deep spiritual ecstasy that transcends the limits of feeling to expand the body and beyond it.


Tantra Massage for Couples

Our couples sessions are for people who are committed to discover new sides of themselves and their relationships, seeking to raise the consciousness in a safe and professional environment. These sessions are an adventure, it attempts to raise awareness of our body, an education in massage healing. The couple will be instructed in the massage lingam and yoni.

Tantric Meditations

The tantric meditations sessions, aim to increase the feminine side in each individual, finding harmony and balance in ourselves, which flows all around us, improving relationships with others. It is based on body movements to the sound of tantric sacred mantras, in some cases accompanied by Kundalini Kriya Yoga. Each of these meditations are responsible to manifest the perfection of our being, in those areas where we have a lack or in a state that we say weak points. The results are amazing and we start to look at life and everything around us from a different perspective, we become fully aware of the beauty of everything we see becomes beautiful and sacred, learn to value life, our body, nature, other beings and we are able to understand that we are all part of the same universe where the negatives and suffering are just a product of our mental state.

Control of the Prana

The pranayana is a technology of breathing across which we control the flow of energy. This practice to part of his numerous therapeutic benefits, controls the mind, it is a bridge of connection with the cosmic prana, one accedes to a condition of deep easing and of connection with our interior without the conditioning of the mind. The practices of pranayama allow to be a channel of energy you, to expand and to deliver energy to all those who surround you. Strenuousness and mental control drink to you a high level of vitality

Tantric Yoga

Also called tantra white, meditation and easing is based on a series of kriyas, mantras, bhandas, mudras. It is the Breath of the Cobra, the elevation of the energy Kundalini, from his base in the sacred one up to high levels, for different ends and for the high more. The practice of this Yoga needs of a discipline yoguica, of an absolute delivery, for remunerations are innumerates. The practice of the Kundalini Yoga dissolves the stagnant energies that come from the evil use of the tantra.